Policy Guidelines Formulation for the Implementation of Public Madrasah cum Stakeholders’ Consultation

The Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) is actively working on formulating Policy Guidelines for the Implementation of Public Madrasah, involving comprehensive Stakeholders’ Consultation.

These workshops and consultations are vital for developing a policy and procedure manual aimed at ensuring consistent decision-making, legal compliance, improved employee performance and accountability, enhanced communication and transparency, and risk and conflict mitigation.

Recent workshops covered topics such as Hiring, Recruitment, Management Structure, and Finance. Additionally, a write shop focused on standardizing the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and textbooks for Public Madrasahs has been successfully conducted.

Several activities also scheduled as follows:
a. ) Write shop on the Policy of Public Madrasah on the Standard of conducting Quality Assurance and stakeholders’ participation.
b.) Workshop on Policy for Public Madrasah on Establishing the System in Teaching, Learning, and the Management for school year 2024-2025.
c.) Stakeholders’ Consultations on Public Madrasah for Mainland Division
d.) Stakeholders’ Consultations on Public Madrasah for Island Division

Following these activities, the Ministry will finalize the policy, incorporating feedback from stakeholders. This will be followed by an orientation session on the Public Madrasah Policy and Guidelines. Additionally, thorough preparations for the 2024-2025 school year will be undertaken to ensure a smooth and effective implementation of the new policies.



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