MBHTE’s programs are built and informed by the needs and aspirations of learners as identified in each subsector. This section contains an overview of subsector-level programs and links to microsites that further dive into each program’s approach and results.

Basic Education

The Bangsamoro Education Code declares Basic Education free and compulsory in the Bangsamoro Region. There are two parallel formal systems in delivering quality Basic Education in the BARMM—”The Public School System” and “The Public Madrasah System”.

Higher Education

Higher Education is offered through Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) such as State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Private HEIs (PHEIs), Islamic Higher Education and Transnational HEIs, as well as tertiary degree programs in all post-secondary institutions in the region.

Technical Education

Technical Education refers to the education process designed at post-secondary and lower tertiary levels. MBHTE offers relevant, accessible and high quality technical education and skills development in support of the development of high-quality middle-level workforce in the Bangsamoro.

Madaris Education

Madaris Education is one of the defining feature of the education system in the BARMM. The Bangsamoro Education Code mandates the MBHTE to improve both public and private madrasahs as a viable option for Bangsamoro learners, including non-Muslims.


MBHTE’s programs and activities would not be possible without the support of our partners in education service delivery.

MBHTE recognizes the invaluable support that we have received from these partners in ensuring that no Bangsamoro learner will be left behind.