This section contains the latest official Issuances, Advisories, Facts and Figures, and Transparency reports on education in the BARMM.

MO No. 159, s. 2024 Implementation of the “No Travel Order, No Travel” Policy

MO No. 288, s. 2023 Addendum to the MBHTE Memorandum Order No. 194, s. 2023

RM No. 255, s. 2023 Prohibition of Solicitation to All MBHTE Employees and Personnel to Finance any Official or Unofficial Activities of the MBHTE

MO No. 194, s. 2023 Creation of the Task Force for the Verification of Education Data and the Validation of all Development Interventions Related to Education

MO No. 170, s. 2023 No Collection Policy for the Conduct of BARMMAA Meet

MO No. 150, s. 2023 Implementation Guidelines of the Bangsamoro Scholarship Program for TVET (BSPTVET)

MO No. 143, s. 2023 Orientation on the Processing of Step Increment

MO No. 126, s. 2023 Piloting of Policy Guidelines on Granting Government Recognition of Formal and Non-formal Madaris